Frequently Asked Questions

How much will it cost to be in band?

Being in band does cost some money, but not as much as you would think! At Frank Seale we have special discounts and deals we can provide you to make the cost of being in the band as minimal as possible. Local music stores work with us to keep costs affordable on a monthly, rent-to-own, basis. Some instruments can be rented through MISD for a $100 maintenance fee. 

Can I play sports and still be in band?

YES! Most of the students in the Frank Seale Band are members of other organizations within the school and community too! We have many students who play Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, Run Track, and play traveling Baseball or Soccer. We also have students who participate in the Frank Seale Cub Dancers! Sometimes the directors of the band will even come to your games to support you and be your biggest fan!

How much extra time does it take?

Not very much! We know that you are involved in lots of activities, as well as focusing on your grades. Because of that, we work to keep after school commitments to a minimum. We only ask that you pla your instrument for 20-30 minutes a day. As a beginner band student, we only have 4 after school practices all year. Those will be in preparation for our Christmas Concert and Spring Concert.

What if I don't have any music experience?

Most beginning band students don't have any experience either! While piano lessons or other instrument lessons can be beneficial to a student, NO experience is required to learn an instrument. We will help you start from square one, and will show you everything you will need to know!